Today you would be Ten.

This is not your typical portrait, but we are not your typical family. When I look at my kids together, I see all of my kids. Creating this image was freeing for me, it’s an image with all of my kids — not just a representation of them with a physical object.

Ten years ago today our oldest son was born, and ten years ago tomorrow he passed away. In ten years we have accomplished quite a lot, there is a lot of be proud of, but there is also sadness. The minute to minute gut wrenching pain has subsided with time, but the achy longing for someone who should be here but isn’t will never go away. A piece of my heart left with him that day, and while I know I will never be whole again I take comfort in the daily reminders of him that I see. When people ask me how many kids I have (which comes up in conversation more than you would think) I still hesitate when I answer. I have four kids. Three are here with me, and one has moved on. So this weekend, while I grieve my sweet boy who is no longer with us, please give your kids a little extra love and savour each moment you get to spend with them.


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  • Tanya

    Thank you for sharing this <3