Today you are One.

As I laid you into your crib last night I made sure to take a few extra snuggles. You looked up at me with those beautiful blue-green eyes and smiled your biggest smile. Then you wanted into your crib, where you ever so gently laid your head down – snuggled your dolly and drifted off to sleep. You’ve been our easiest baby. You love your sleep, you love to eat, and you’re fairly relaxed and happy to just sit and play with your toys (or a cardboard box) most of the time. When you’re mad you definitely let us know, and you also require that we fix the problem immediately. We’ve spent a lot of the summer away from home, jumping between New Brunswick and the cottage it’s been quite a lot of traveling time for you and sleeping in strange rooms. You’ve taken it all in stride though and are still happy as can be. As I look back through the past year I truly cannot believe how quickly it has passed. You are our last baby and knowing this I savored every moment I could but somehow it still flew by. Those firsts I was so excited about for your brothers were more bittersweet this time around. As excited as I am that you are growing and thriving, a little part of me is sad that it’s happening so quickly. You were the last baby I’d feel kicking me from the inside, the last baby (of mine) that I’ll snuggle in those first newborn days as you curl into a little ball on my chest, the last “first roll”, the last “first crawl”, and soon the last “first steps”. I’m truly amazed that so much growth can happen in one year but I do wish it had gone just a bit slower. Alas, here you are…a glowing beautiful happy little girl who loves fiercely, smiles from ear to ear, loves water almost as much as she loves food, and whose current mission in life is to steal food from her brothers as much as humanly possible.

2016-08-12_0001My sweet baby girl, I wish you the happiest of 1st birthdays and cannot wait to celebrate with you when you wake up. It’s bittersweet, but everyday I am grateful to have you in our family. I never knew a piece of our family was missing until you came along, and now I know with absolute certainty that our family is complete. We love you, always and forever.


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