Today you are Five.

For the last few weeks Daddy and I have been asked approximately 1.38 million times how many days are left until your birthday. You have been so incredibly excited. According to you, five is a “big kid”, and your current life goal is to be a big kid (and a dinosaur…and spider-man). This morning you raced (not even remotely quietly) out of your room to exclaim “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! THERE ARE BALLOONS!” at 3:32am before I hugged you and sent you back to bed so you could get a good nights sleep for your big day. Later we cuddled and sang happy birthday before you rushed off to start your day. 

You are our wild child, our captain intensity. If there were a loudness scale from 1-10, you would be a 17. You live in a perpetual imaginary land where dinosaurs still roam the earth and spider-man is in constant need of your assistance. As loud as you are you are also quite shy, a character trait you come by quite honestly. You have a bottomless pit for a stomach, constantly asking for snacks and extra meals – the only thing you won’t eat is mushrooms. You are a gentle soul with the biggest of hearts, often basing your decisions on what those around you would prefer even if it’s not what you really want. You love fiercely and unconditionally – and you give the greatest, most genuine hugs. You feel more deeply than anyone I know, and while sometimes it’s hard to watch you struggle with these big emotions, I’m always so amazed by your ability to look beyond yourself and truly consider the feelings of those around you.

You’ve grown from a squishy and sweet baby boy with the softest tufts of blond hair to an adorably handsome five year old in the blink of an eye.

I wish you the happiest of fifth birthdays, Wookie. You’re truly a “big kid” now and I can’t wait to see where the next year takes you. I love you sweet boy, and I will love you for a trillion days plus one.


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