Today you are Seven

You’ve been reminding us almost daily that on Easter Sunday at 2:23pm you will officially turn seven. You liked six but seven is better, so I’m told.  Apparently when you’re seven you get to play baseball instead of t-ball, you can build even bigger Legos — but you already built a set with TWELVE bags so that’s pretty big already, and you will be even better at drawing. When you woke up this morning and bounced into our bed your smile was so big I thought you may stretch your mouth enough to lose even more teeth (and there are barely any teeth in there right now to begin with). We sang happy birthday, then you got to open your presents and it was off to see if the Easter Bunny came – you are VERY excited to share your birthday with Easter this year because “now Connor and Chloe don’t have to feel left out since they get something too!”

You are our social butterfly. You will talk to anyone about anything, even if they aren’t listening. Your ability to recall facts is astounding to me, you are a walking encyclopedia often times correcting those around you. You absolutely love to build; Lego, block towers, and blanket forts are all specialties of yours. You are our early riser, eager to start your day and always chipper and bright eyed by 6am – even if the sun hasn’t woken up yet. We often take Oliver for walks together at 6am (since you’re up anyway) and it’s been so nice to have that special one on one time with you – even if it’s never quiet since you talk the entire time. You love reading; often times when we send you to bed we hear you reading books out loud to yourself and your latest trick is making up voices for all the different characters. Every night before bed I ask you what three things made you happy that day. It’s a special tradition of ours and one I’m glad that you love so much. Last night you were happy that you got to see Nana, Papa, Auntie Christy, and Old Grandma, that it turned from a rainy to a sunny day, and that it was the last day before your birthday. 

I’m happy knowing that you are often in such good spirits and can always see happy moments in your day to day and are truly grateful for them.

I cannot believe how quickly these last seven years have gone by. You’ve grown from a tiny fragile boy who was rushed off to the NICU to a strong, loving, kind hearted boy who is incredibly inquisitive and always talking. My dear Jack Jack, today I wish you the happiest of 7th birthdays. I love you to the moon and back and cannot wait to see what this year brings for you.


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