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Each year I undertake the project of photographing my boys, every day, for one month. I always choose February and it’s been so neat to see how much has changed from one year to the next. Just a little glimpse into our everyday…

Day 1: Cooking with Grandad

We took a trip out to visit Grandad&Gran for the evening yesterday. When it came time for dinner you were all to eager to help. Some of the pizza toppings may not have been evenly distributed but you had fun and everything was still tasty 🙂

Day 2: Happy

You are perpetually happy. You always have been. You’re going through a “mommy only” stage at the moment but even through a bout of the flu you’ve still been a pretty smiley and giggly boy. I can always count on a huge grin when I walk in your room to get you from your nap 🙂

Day 3: Eating

You would be happy sitting in your high chair shoveling food into your mouth all day long. You eat just about everything, in large quantities. I’ve yet to find a food you don’t like!

Day 4: Good Morning Kiss for Connor

Every morning you wake up, go into Connor’s room, give him a loving kiss on the head, and tell him good morning. He giggles and smiles, then we start the day. You love your little brother so much and are already very protective of him. Of course he loves you so much too and will follow you around aimlessly for hours just to be by your side. You two couldn’t be more perfect for eachother.

Day 5: Up

You climb up on everything, and everyone. You motor around chasing anything that moves, mostly Jack, giggling and smiling away. You’re a busy little man, and we’re going to have to keep a close eye on you before you decide to try scaling the stairs (again).

Day 6: Lashes

You have the most incredible eye lashes. I’m fairly certain I say this every year (probably more than once), but you really do. Lucky boy you are 🙂

Day 7: You

I was snapping some images of Connor today and you asked me to “take mine picture mama” so I obliged. You had a sweet little grin, and you just looks so…you! You may being growing faster than I thought possible, and accomplishing new feats daily, but you’re still my sweet little boy. I love you.

Day 8: Squish

When you were still in my tummy and we hadn’t decided on your name yet we called you Squish. It seems even more appropriate now considering every chance you get you are squishing your face up against something. This includes baby gates, mirrors, people, and as seen here – the patio doors. You are a funny little dude.

Day 9: Jack and Mama

We were taking a bunch of pictures in the studio today of you, Connor, and I and when it was time for Connor to go down for nap you asked if we could take pictures of just you and Mama. I obliged. I can’t believe how big you are getting, how quickly you’re learning, and how independent you want to be already. I love you little man, more than you’ll ever know.

Day 10: Giggles with Daddy

You are always so excited when Daddy comes home, crawling away at what seems like warp speed just to see him at the door. You squeal with glee and snuggle right in as soon as he picks you up. You may be a mama’s boy but you sure do love your Daddy.

Day 11: Beautiful Blues

Those eyes get me every time. We were out and about all morning getting things together so we can start packing for our big move to “the new big house” as you like to call it and I looked down at those big blue eyes and knew this had to be today’s image. You could get lost in those eyes kid, you’re going to break some hearts.

Day 12: Inquisitive

You are our explorer. You do not leave things untouched. You pick up everything, give it a once over, a little taste test, some banging on the floor, and usually move on. You love to look out the window (and bang on them too). Pretty soon you’ll be outside, probably getting very dirty and “tasting” whatever you find. We always have to keep a close eye on you.

Day 13: Together

A year ago I took this exact picture of you (Jack) pulling this sled. So much can change in a year. You told me today that you love Connor and he is your best friend. I love seeing you both together and it’s abundantly clear just how much you adore eachother. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

Day 14: Siesta

You stopped napping back in the summer but every so often you decide to climb into our bed mid-afternoon while Connor is napping and have a snooze of your own. The days of quiet afternoons in this house are numbered so I’ll savour these quick moments.

Day 15: Cousins

It has been so wonderful watching all of you grow up together. You play so nicely and though things can get a little bit nutty and loud at times that is quite alright with me.

Day 16: Baba

This is my view when I feed you. Your bottle days are numbered and you’ve been refusing them and preferring sippy cups for a bit now. It won’t be long before I don’t get the chance to stare into those beautiful big brown eyes while you are so calm and still.

Day 17: Nose Kisses

There are always giggles when Daddy is home. Lots of running, jumping, and craziness too. There is always time for snuggles and kisses though.

Day 18: Colouring

You love colouring. Your favourite things to draw right now are heeho’s (hippos), snakes, and dinosaurs. I’ve kept a bunch of your masterpieces to make some art for your new room in the new house 🙂

Day 19: Sleep

You love your sleep. Just like your brother you’ve gotten roughly 12 hours of sleep a night since around 2.5 months. You still nap twice a day as well. When you’re awake you’re constantly moving, and fast, so I’m not surprised you tucker yourself out enough to sleep a lot. I love you Piglet 🙂

Day 20: Love

It melted my heart when I peeked out from the kitchen to see this. We are in the middle of packing and have made a lovely “fort” of boxes which you both love to stand in front of and bang on or lookout from. You were playing together so nicely and then you just stopped and gave Connor a gently kiss before returning to play. I love you both.

Day 21: Puddle Jump

If there is a puddle around, you WILL jump in it. The deeper the better. It brings you so much joy and I’ll always do extra laundry for soaking wet pants in exchange for those happy giggles.

Day 22: Chub

Compared to your brother at this age you are quite the little chunky monkey. You have the best chipmunk-like cheeks and I squish and kiss them daily 🙂

Day 23: Play

There are constant giggles when you two are playing together. The louder the “game”, the louder the giggles.

Day 24: Cowboy Hat

You don’t actually have a “cowboy” hat but according to you a fedora is just as good. You ride around, fully of smiles, on a dinosaur yelling “yee-haw!”. You’re so silly, don’t ever change 🙂

Day 25: Blankie

You still sleep with your blankie every day and night. Each year I take a photograph of you with it because it was my blankie when I was little and I’m so happy that you get to enjoy it too.

Day 26: Strong

Those chubby little fingers are strong. You have such a firm grasp and will hold onto something so tightly sometimes that even I can’t get it from you. You’re our big tough guy, not afraid of challenges and can definitely hold your own.

Day 27: Follow

Connor you spend your entire day following your big brother around. You don’t let the fact that he is so much faster than you get you down, you just go with the flow and are constantly moving. I love your determination. You know what you want and you go for it, nothing slows you down.

Day 28: Love

You two are already the best of friends. There are constant snuggles, kisses, and hugs. You are both so different but get along so well. I love that you are close in age and I absolutely love that you love eachother so very much.



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