Today you are six.

As I tucked you into bed last night you gently reminded me that it is in fact your birthday tomorrow. I know love, I said as I brushed the hair from your forehead to give you a kiss goodnight. Of course I did not need to be told it was your birthday (or the other 37 birthday reminders you gave me today) but you’re excited. To you SIX is a whole new world full of possibilities and while I know it’s your birthday, I’m not quite sure how time has flown by so quickly. I still remember staring at you in your isolette in the NICU. You seemed so tiny, so fragile looking. I remember being terrified the day we brought you home – I don’t think I slept for a week just to make sure you were still breathing. I remember your sweet baby smiles, the soft curls at the end of your hair, and your infectious giggle. How that teeny little boy is turning SIX  already is beyond me. You’ve certainly grown though – into an intelligent, articulate, energetic, and compassionate boy.

You are our thinker. The wheels are always turning in that head of yours and it’s rare for you to not have something to say. You ask constant questions and want to know about just about everything. You’re very outgoing – you will say hello to anyone and everyone without hesitation – a trait you most certainly do not get from your mother. You love lego and love to build lego letters and leave messages around the house –  the windowsill in our room currently reads “I love you”. You take your role as big brother quite seriously – something your brother and sister will be very grateful for one day. You’ve decided that you prefer to be called Jack as opposed to your previously held nickname of “Jack Jack” because the latter is too baby-like. You love to read, a newly acquired skill for you but one you’re picking up at lightning speed lately. Every night you go to bed surrounded by books in your bed – most of which you’ve read to yourself. You love dance parties – and you’ve got some hilarious dance moves. Every night before bed I ask you to tell me three things that made you happy that day – I remember forgetting one day and hearing the worry in your voice as you ran to the top of the stairs and called me to tell me I forgot to ask you about your happy moments. One day, in the not so distant future, you won’t run out needing to tell me those things so for now I’ll continue enjoying those moments that extend bedtime just a little bit longer knowing that I’ll miss them when they’re gone. Last night you were happy that it was a sunny day to go bike riding, that you got to jump on Ryley’s trampoline, and that Chloe laughed at you when you smiled at her. As always, I’m happy that you are happy and eternally grateful that you are ours.

jackToday I wish you the happiest sixth birthday, Jack Jack 😉 I love you to the moon and back!


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