Today you are four.

You came up to me so proudly this morning. Your big boy feet clomping down the hall and the biggest cheeky grin on your face. I didn’t need the reminder but I let you tell me anyway, “Mommy I’m FOUR today!”. I know, love, I know. After (mandatory by me) big squishy hugs and singing happy birthday you left the room, quick to start the next item on your agenda.  The squishy little baby I held just four years ago, with the biggest cheeks and softest tufts of blonde hair, has grown up into a little boy. A kind, generous, thoughtful, and loving little boy.

You are our “captain intensity”, you do everything at 110%. You love fiercely and unconditionally, and when you are upset – you’re very upset. You’re shy in new surroundings, but once you get going you’re LOUD. You love to use your imagination. Your favourite item of clothing is a ratty old Spider-man costume that has seen much better days. You are a lover of small animals and bugs, slowly saving every worm on the sidewalk from drying out in the sun. You are my snuggler, constantly telling me you will love me for one trillion days. You love playing chasing games with daddy and your brother. Did I mention that you’re loud? We give constant reminders to lower your voice or ask you to stop yelling, but deep down I know that one day many years from now I’ll be sitting in an eerily quiet house wishing I could hear your thunderous imaginative dinosaur roar just one more time.

connorToday I wish you the happiest of fourth birthday Wookie. I love you sweet boy, and I will love you for a trillion days plus one.


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