Helping Hearts

I am a proud volunteer photographer for Helping Hearts, please read below to find out what this project is about.

“Helping Hearts is a project created by Melissa & Michelle with the goal of being able to provide free photography sessions for families with sick children. Over the last couple of months we have aquired an entire team of photographers who are dedicated to donating their time to Helping Hearts because they believe in sharing the gift of photography with as many families as possible.

Throughout a childs life, most families probably wouldnt expect their child to become ill, and possibly be hospitalized, or confined to home. This journey can cause a roller coaster of emotions for families – confusion, sadness, hope, celebration, and grief. During these times of transition, families may not have considered how important it may be to preserve the precious changes in their children. As parents and photographers, our team knows families will cherish these captured moments.

If you are a family looking to book a session with a photographer in your area please email info@helping-hearts.ca

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