April 10 on 10 | Barrie Photographer

Sometimes the magic is in the little moments.
2014-04-10_00041. A rare nap
2. He sleeps
3. Hide and seek with a toddler means part of them is always sticking out
4. Silly excited faces
5.  The weekly “Garbage Truck” watching event
6. Stories
7. Nose Kisses
8. Practice
9. Giggles
10.  Brothers

One of many personal photography projects I’m taking part in. My kids are well documented but I just want some more candid moments captured so I joined a lovely group of photographers in a 10 on 10 project. Be sure to check out Alison Bell’s 10 on 10 and follow the blog circle around 🙂


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  • Sarah

    That window image is amazing!! So sweet. Great job.

  • I have such a soft spot for brothers so these gorgeous images melted my heart.

  • These are beautiful, just beautiful Nikki <3